Security Assurance

Our Information Security team helps you assess security risks, design your security architecture, and formulate process controls that mitigate risks. We will also help you define systems and processes for meeting compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and SOX.

Design and implementation of Security on the Cloud is fundamentally different from Security for on-premise IT infrastructure and applications. When services are hosted on the Public Cloud, you do not have physical access to the infrastructure on which the services run. As a consequence there is some dependency on the Cloud provider for certain elements of security.

You, however, still need to take measures to protect your applications from a range of Internet threats such as: exploitation of vulnerabilities and attacks targeted at your infrastructure and internet exposed applications. At Frontier, our Security experts offer a range of services to protect your services from a wide range of threats. Our security consultants are certified on a range of Security standards, and they will help ensure compliance to any Security standard relevant to your Cloud services.

Components Of Future9 Security Consulting Service.

Our Consulting team can help you with the complete security lifecycle, or just advise on a segment. We assess, design, implement, monitor and manage your Cloud security.

Gap Analysis
Configs, Processes,Tools
Security Design
Application Security Implementation
Implementation Design
Implementation Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Scan Infrastructure & Services
Identify Vulnerabilities
Test Vulnerability
Exploit Vulnerabilities