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Cloud Lifecycle Management

Future9 Managed Services allows you to deploy and run Business Critical applications with the confidence that we are watching over your Cloud round-the- clock through the year. The tools, the experience and the ITIL compliant service delivery framework provides assurance of a business-aligned, integrated and secure service delivery designed for performance optimization.

Our Partner ecosystem includes technology leaders such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, BMC and others. Our teams have been trained and certified for technical proficiency by all the leading technology providers. Our partnerships, engagement and provider training ensures that your services are provided by truly experienced, trained and technically certified professionals.

Choose from a wide range of service plans that best fits your requirements. Choose to have your Cloud managed remotely, or choose our resource augmentation plan to have our experienced engineers to exclusively manage your cloud, or adopt a hybrid model.

Cloud Lifecycle

Design and implementation of Security on the Cloud is fundamentally different from Security for on-premise IT infrastructure and applications. When services are hosted on the Public Cloud, you do not have physical access to the infrastructure on which the services run. As a consequence there is some dependency on the Cloud provider for certain elements of security.

Software solutions such as Salesforce.com or Office 365 give an impression that the cloud is easy to set up and use. In reality, only Software as a Service is relatively simple. You sign up and start using it immediately. Architecting IT solutions on the cloud that need servers, storage and networking is a complex task. It requires expertise in the underlying technologies, and also experience in setting up and managing these in on-premise installations. Essentially all the skills and experience required for on-premise solution architecting is necessary. On top of this, an in-depth understanding of the Cloud Provider’s architecture, operations, load balancing and pricing is absolutely necessary.

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Future9 brings to the Cloud : Eight years of Virtualization experience, four years of Cloud expertise and twenty years of IT infrastructure solutions and services experience in the enterprise.

We design cost-effective ,scalable cloud solutions, implements, monitors and manages the Cloud services right through its lifecycle. Frontier simplifies moving to the cloud for organizations of all sizes. It offers certainty in delivering solutions that work and perform as desired.