New problems need Creative and unusual Solutions

Excellence in deploying Cloud Solutions requires planning, a detail oriented approach, knowledge of deployment and automation options available from the provider. We have extensive experience in deploying Public Cloud Solutions across providers, and our teams technical skills are certified by all the major Cloud Providers.

We look at technology solutions for minimizing deployment errors, and building repeatable processes for mass deployment of the solution. Our teams understand different Virtual Machine builds, can create new ones, write scripts to automate deployment and ensure configurations of provisioned systems. We use automation tools provided by the vendor, and other configuration and provisioning tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc. We can automate deployment of hundreds of servers for mass deployments. Your configuration management can also be managed to prevent configuration drifts.

Multi-Vendor Deployments & Multi-Vendor Partnerships.

We partner with several vendors, and offer you multi-vendor deployments. Our deep OEM relationships with these vendors give us access to new technologies and features ahead of the market. Direct training from these providers give us deep insights into their architecture, solutions and security posture. It is this knowledge and expertise that our experienced teams bring to your deployments. Our deployments take advantage of every provider feature, to build optimized solutions for your Cloud – Public, Private or Hybrid.

We have deployment experience in Traditional IT, Hybrid IT, Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds. We partner and work with all the large Cloud Providers.

We implement security best practices developed by our teams and also those advocated by the technology leaders. These practices are reflected in the security configurations of your deployments. Security considerations and applications are standard operating procedure for our teams.